Glass mounting
Siedle Steel for glass mounting is integrated directly into the glass without a frame or any other visible fastening elements.
Panel mounting
In contrast to door panel mounting, glass mounting does not require a frame. Letterboxes and communication technology are accommodated directly between two glass elements without additional means of fastening. The panel places all the elements at the right ergonomic height, with an additional button placed on a convenient level for wheelchair users or children.
Glass cut-out
For direct mounting in a glass cut-out, the cabling becomes a part of the design concept. The supply wires are guided downwards in a flexible steel sleeve. The system appears to "hover" at the ergonomically ideal height.

The minimum thickness of the glass is eight millimetres, there is no maximum thickness limit. Steel systems can even be integrated in bullet-proof glass without impairing the security of the facade.
Frameless mounting in bullet-proof glass
Bullet-proof laminated safety glass poses more stringent demands in terms of integration: For safety reasons, large-area interruption of these glass panes is not permitted. In this case, positioning the communication systems in a glass cut-out or as a panel between two glass elements is not possible.

To permit installation in bullet-proof glass facades, Siedle developed a fixing method which requires only small glass cut-outs positioned precisely to specification. Both the safety properties of the bullet-proof glass and the characteristic frameless appearance of the glass installation are maintained using this method.
Reference: District Administrative Office of Tübingen
Reference: Hotel Q
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