Exchanging the in-house telephone
From the fifties to the nineties of the last century, the so-called 6+n system remained the state of the art in door communication technology. Intercom systems of this type were installed in their millions; many have now reached an age when they need to be replaced.
Simple exchange
However, in many cases only individual devices are defective or have become unsightly, particularly indoors. For this type of case, Siedle offers a special variant of the current design line, the exchange telephone HTA 811. In terms of its design and function, it corresponds to the standard in-house telephone, but can be integrated seamlessly into an existing 6+n system.
Benefit: In the event of a defect, it is not necessary to exchange the entire system, only the affected call station. A difference that can save thousands of Euros - our contribution to investment security. Is it possible to exchange your telephone for the HTA 811? An overview of compatible in-house telephone models:

> Compatible 6+n telephones
Better living
The HTA 811 offers all the benefits of modern design: Contemporary styling, simple installation, easy handling and, importantly too, enormous design versatility.
Consequently, an exchange can give rise not only to technical improvement but also bring a welcome facelift.

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