Siedle Vario
As part of the Vario system, the fingerprint reader is a function module which can be positioned at will within the system and combined with other modules.
The integration of access control within the door communication system eliminates the need for supplementary installations at the door, which can have drawbacks of both an aesthetic and functional nature. In the worst case scenario, if a direct connection is laid to the door release, individual installations can actually pose a security risk.
As a constituent part of a door station, however, access control makes use of the entire installation including the power supply. The connection to the door release is established within the protected interior space, generally speaking in a distributor box.
The aesthetic benefits of integration are expressed more effectively by the photos than by any description.

Door station with video camera, intercom unit, call button and fingerprint reader
Practical, visually appealing and designed for optimum ergonomics: The freestanding pedestal presents the fingerprint reader in just the right position without wall mounting – for example in front of glass partitions. The LED spotlight gives off just the right degree of light and clearly points the way. Access control systems can be used without any additional communication technology to regulate access to areas such as data processing departments or archives.
Design line Siedle Vario
The Vario colours
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