Siedle Steel
In the Siedle Steel system, the fingerprint reader is part of the mounting level, and projects forward through the cut-outs in the front control panel. Both levels can be varied in terms of their material and surface finish. Taken together, these permit a broad spectrum of design possibilities.
Outside at the entrance or inside in front of specially protected areas: A freestanding access control system can be positioned at will, also in front of substrates with difficult processing properties such as marble or a glass panel.

Communication pedestal: Operating level in anodized aluminium, stainless steel mounting level in a signal orange paintwork finish
A fingerprint reader can do more than simply open doors. As the print on each finger is different, several fingerprints can be assigned to different functions. For instance the index finger can be used to open doors, the middle finger to switch on the light, or the thumb to open the garage. Or a special finger can be used to open the door and at the same time initiate a silent alarm – in case of a would-be intruder attempting to gain forced entry.

The pictures on the left illustrate a useful application: Using a second fingerprint to open a letterbox eliminates the need for a separate key.

Letterbox system in stainless steel, paintwork finish: micaceous iron ore
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