Siedle uses exclusively white high-performance LEDs in all its light functions. The LEDs are used to illuminate details such as buttons or house numbers, brighten up larger surfaces or whole systems, and also to light up driveways, paths, entrance areas or terraces.

Benefits of LED technology
- Energy efficiency and long service life
- Minimal operating and maintenance costs
- Innovative design due to compact dimensions
- Standardized light colour throughout the entire installation
- Power supply through low voltage
The square light module forms the basis for extremely low-profile wall lights or free-standing light pedestals. Every module is equipped with four LEDs, which remain recognizable as spot-shaped light sources. More…
The surface area light provides the perfect illumination for company names, logos and other inscriptions. At the same time, it attracts attention in its own right with its characteristic light distribution and innovative design. More…
Spotlights illuminate details such as keypads, house numbers or fingerprint readers. By directing the light, it is possible to accentuate edges and contours. More…
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