For iOS
The Siedle app for iPhone and iPad unites the strengths of two different worlds: Siedle defines the aspirations of safety and convenience. Apple sets the standards for operating simplicity. Together, these attributes offer mobile access to door communication on a high level.
The highlights at a glance
– Audio and video door communication
– Simple, intuitively understandable operation
– Full integration into the Apple operating concept including switch-over between landscape and portrait format and gesture control
– Door release, light switching
– Reliable door release function with confirmation request against unintentional opening
– Handsfree function
– In-call volume adjustment possible
– Microphone muting
– Different ringtones
– Direct door dialling from list
– Camera surveillance
– Automatic video memory function
– WLAN or mobile phone network*
– Creation of rooms and scenarios
– Auto login
– Switch-over between landscape and portrait format for video (iPhone)
– Switch-over between landscape and portrait format for the entire app (iPad)

* Mobile phone network is only supported with the Siedle app for Access and with Smart Gateway.
Active door call
Moving images from the door camera, speech connection, door release – but only after the security prompt has been confirmed!
Security first:
The door only opens after a confirmation prompt. Because the front door should never be opened unintentionally, for example by children.

What may seem all too obvious is not always a matter of course. We recommend giving door communication apps a thorough check for ease of operation and practical serviceability. This applies in particular to safety-relevant functions - after all, we are not talking about a Skype call but a point of access to the threshold of your home. The Siedle App protects the door release function from unintentional operation with a confirmation prompt. And the "open" command is encrypted to prevent abuse.
Video memory
Who was in front of the door and when? The video memory records a picture of every visitor calling at the door.
The most important functions at a glance
Surveillance cameras
See what's happening live: The camera function allows you to switch between several camera images.
Contact list
Access to the personal address book on the server
House control
Switching building functions on and off

Please note: All screen contents can only be approximately reproduced. Certain details of the images can deviate from the current version status. The way in which they are portrayed here is consequently intended as a non-binding guideline only.
Light or dark interface
The user interface is available in a light and a dark version – supplying a practical option for different working environments.
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