Product detailsThe virtual in-house telephone assumes the function of a video indoor station as the client software on a Windows PC or a Windows-based operating panel.
Performance features:
• Control directly at the monitor by mouse click or fingertip pressure
• Two view modes: Window and widget view
• Audio and video door communication
• Camera surveillance
• Video memory
• Direct door dialling from list
• Receiving group calls
• Switching and control functions (e.g. for door opening and light switching)
Available for the Smart Gateway Professional (SG 650-0)
• Subject to licence, 2 licences for Smart Gateway Professional (SG 650-0) included
• CTI door call: Audio transmission via the telephone network in parallel with the video signal possible over Ethernet, ensuring an audio link in optimum TC quality
Minimum system requirements:
• Microsoft® Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate/Enterprise - (32/64 Bit)
• Microsoft® Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro/Enterprise - (32/64 Bit)
• Microsoft® Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Pro/Enterprise - (32/64 Bit)
• Microsoft® Windows 10 Home/Pro/Enterprise - (32/64 Bit)
• At least Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0c
• CPU: Dual-Core from 2.0 GHz
• At least 2 GB RAM
• Graphics card with at least 1024 x 768 pixel, at least full support for DirectX® 9.0c / Direct3D® 9
• Ethernet card/Network connection: 100 Mbit
• Sound card with connected headset/loudspeaker and microphone (depending on operating mode; a headset/loudspeaker is always required on the computer for signalling a storey call acoustically)
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