Communication and signage system
Communication, orientation and information form the perfect symbiosis when it comes to the reception and guidance of visitors. They interact to lend unique character to a building. This is why we decided to develop a system to combine all these functions with a standardized design.
The whole building
A perfect reception is not limited to the entrance area alone; the door is only one of several stations passed by a visitor. The route into the building starts with the parking sign or garage entrance and only ends on reaching a certain room. Other functions come to the fore at each one of these stations: Identification of the building and its occupants, communication or interaction with the visitor, access to the inside, followed by guidance, information and support in finding the desired destination. The communication and signage system complies with every conceivable demand made on standardized design. It combines the unlimited scope for variation of the high-end communication system Siedle Steel with an ergonomically optimized signage system. The result: The perfect reception – seamless and cohesive throughout the whole of the building.

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At the perimeter, on driveways, gates or paths: the free-standing pedestal is ideally placed wherever it most effectively fulfils its function, irrespective of walls and facades. More…
A signage system must supply the right information from the right distance. Inscriptions with long-distance and close-up effect consequently differ in terms of their size, design and placement. More…
A visitor who has entered a building is still not at his destination. He still needs the same support as outside the door: Information, orientation, guidance. A concept which performs such a cohesive function should speak the same design language too. More…
The pictograms are used to denote customary room types. They can be mounted individually in a room sign or flag-type sign or be integrated in combination with other symbols, arrows or inscriptions in large signs and boards. More…
Its enormous design versatility allows the system to reflect personal preferences, architectural styles and surrounding materials; corporate designs or colour guidance systems can also be implemented without problems. More…
Interview: Good orientation
Reference: ARCUS Sports Clinic
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