In the building
A visitor who has entered a building is still not at his destination. He still needs the same support as outside the door: Information, orientation, guidance. A concept which performs such a cohesive function should speak the same design language too. Which is why the system does not distinguish between its door station and signage system. Because the cohesive design concept sends out a clear signal denoting the same functional purpose, perfect coordination brings benefits not just in terms of formal styling but of ergonomics too.
The symbiosis of electronic communication technology with visitor guidance continues to provide benefits inside as well as out. A room sign with bell button and fingerprint reader is just as easily possible as integration of an LED surface area light in a wall panel.
Three-part information board with surface area light. The head panel with company logo ensures optimum visibility from afar. The central panel is used for close-range identification. It has a transparent, one-colour printed film glued over its whole surface. To update the inscription, the entire film is exchanged. The base panel neatly finishes off the bottom of the panel.
Company names, room numbers, departments: Where inscriptions are planned to be permanent, they can be engraved or - as in the head panel shown here - laser cut.
Other information such as names, functions or titles can frequently change. Here, editable inscriptions which can be changed with minimal expense are the obvious option. The picture shows the detailed inscription applied to a single-colour printed film. Unprinted surfaces remain transparent, the stainless steel substrate is rendered visible.

An overview of all lettering types:
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