At the building
A signage system must supply the right information from the right distance. Inscriptions with long-distance and close-up effect consequently differ in terms of their size, design and placement. The free-standing information pedestal with large, illuminated letters draws attention to itself from afar. Close up, the eye-level signage system points the way to entrances whose door stations in turn feature large lettering for long-distance effect. Thanks to their seamless design, any searching glances immediately associate all the points of orientation as belonging to one and the same system.
A forwarding agent needs to deliver goods, a postman to find the letterbox. Guests ring the doorbell and announce themselves, employees gain access using a numerical code or fingerprint. Visitors need light to find paths, register information and operate devices.
Occupants and owners want to make an appropriate impression. They have design aspirations, aim to reflect a specific corporate image or express their own personal style.
The architect expresses a preference for certain materials, the planning bureau outlines special requirements in terms of technology and installation.
The threshold is the meeting place of ideas, aspirations and requirements. In an ideal world, these should not contradict but complement each other.
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